Taking an inspiration from Dharavi, which has recently been declared as the most favourite tourist spot in India replacing the iconic Taj Mahal, we have found an opportunity to create revenue in the Sanjay Amar Colony, which will be redirected towards the betterment of the residents of the colony.

However, instead of taking the routine path of rural tourism, we're going to twist things a bit. Sanjay Amar Colony is populated with approximately 900-1000 residents, 143+ families and 117+ houses. As we’re working on adopting the Residential Cluster Model in this colony, the 360-degree network of green ecosystem resulting out of greenification, reusing the existing plastic bags over and over again, zero plastic influx, no dustbin policy, compost pits, etc are going to serve as innovative and intriguing selling points to the tourists. In all, what we’re aiming to showcase to the tourists is a very small area designed creatively to impart a healthy environment for the residents of the slum. will be a lucrative and mesmerising sight for tourists. We are going to capitalise on this opportunity in the following manner-

Overall Plan of Action

1.       Seek compliance and cooperation from the residents

2.       Generate Awareness through social media to Create Demand

3.       Set-up experience plans for tourists

4.       Employ some residents as tourist guides

5.       Ensure no entry of private tourist agencies


How to Create Awareness?


We will be tying up with numerous travel vloggers to make a video of the place and promote the experience on their Instagram handles through reels, so that people gain awareness and get attracted towards the site.

Additionally, we’ll also be putting this experience on Trip Advisor to create awareness and generate demand.