Implementation plan for Sanitation project at SAC

Through this project, our objective is to enhance and improve the cleanliness in Sanjay Amar Colony.

How to proceed?

Initially we would be planning for the garbage reduction in the sewage. Next phase would be to talk to government authorities (such as MCD) and to convince them to assist ASHI in the cleanliness process. Then, we can also raise funding through government for this initiative via the ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ campaign.

Addressing the problem of Sewage blockage:

Step 1- We will conduct a survey (with the help of a civil contractor) amongst the people living in SAC. The survey will provide us information regarding where the sewage blockage is being taking place, and the reasons for it being taking place.

Step 2- We will mark all the locations identified by the people on the map

Step 3- We will be identifying the places where the chambers are missing from the sewage. We need to ensure the presence of chambers at regular distances because without chambers, it is very difficult to clean up the blockages.

Step 4- We will educate the people there to take little steps towards addressing the root cause of this problem. This can include educating them to not dispose waste in sewage at the first place or to clean the sewage by themselves at regular intervals.

Approach government authorities:

Then, we will be approaching the government authorities in order to raise funds for our project and to provide assistance to the team of ASHI to execute the plan. We will email a ‘Project Request Letter’ to the government bodies wherein we will state our requirements, need for such intervention, and the benefits that the society would get through this project.

Once government comes on board, it will be quite easy for us to execute and sustain the entire process.