Projects Execution

 Tentative phases (specific focus areas)

When we are talking about phases we are focusing on what are the main focus during these timelines. And primarily be working upon. Of course other planning and work area can go on simultaneously. 


  planning and brainstorming stage

- working 

  - Complete 

Executive team and volunteer management -

0 Phase - Launch event- Survey and data -  

Estimated end time  - August  10th (phase 1)

1st Phase - Basic  clarification and beautification (WILL START on 10th AUG) 


2nd Phase - Start after 1st phase is satisfactorily completed to maintenance level (September end)

This would be the longest phase where some long-term and bigger projects would be initiated 


3rd Phase - Education and employment skill development Phase 

details to come later  

4th Phase Assessing developments and review march 2023

details to come later  

5thth Phase

Report & final documentary Film making

Unscheduled ongoing Projects / tasks