Economic and Skill Development

This project aims to generate employment for the residents of SAC. For being entitled to internships and jobs, there will be a huge emphasis on Skill Development among the residents.  


Our pedagogy will include:


·   Setting up a Library in SAC: The library offers access to a variety of resources, like books, magazines, and newspapers, to help individuals grow and become better versions of themselves. To start, we'll have famous Hindi and English books (fiction and non-fiction), encyclopaedia, plays, comics, etc. available through a library card for those interested. 

·   Experience and Situation-Based Learning: Situation-based learning is real-life or simulated learning that is more engaging and relevant for learners. It helps increase motivation, and retention, and develops critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Internships through Internshala provide practical experience and improve job prospects. 

·            Internships: We're aiming at providing internships to the students through our numerous contacts and also at ASHI's own office in their desired fields so that they can get hands-on experience.


We will be focusing on the following two aspects of Skill Development:


1. Academic Skill Development

2. Skill Development beyond Academics




Educational Skills will be extended in the subjects of Math, Language Skills, and Computers. These subjects are emphasized because they are normally pre-requisite for an employer. 


1. Math: Strong calculations through the abacus will be focused upon. Games like monopoly, sudoku, building blocks, etc will be a part of the curriculum. Being calculative can attract a whole bunch of opportunities at retail stores, transportation companies, healthcare centers, billing counters, etc. Apart from that critical thinking and mental math will be focused upon.


2. Language Skills: Strong communication skills are vital for a successful career. Personality development emphasizes a command of Hindi and English, which are important in corporate and nationwide contexts. Fun methods, such as games, songs, movies, and pop culture references, will be used to improve English proficiency. A library with comics and engaging books will also foster a love of reading and help develop speaking and listening skills. This will open up opportunities in fields such as call centers, hospitality, tourism, and teaching. 


3. Computers:  With a rapid technological drift and the era of AI, this is by far the most important skill to learn. Imparting computer learning will give the residents access to innumerable opportunities, considering that computers these days are omnipresent. Currently, our office accommodates 9 desktops and needs an expansion. The required step is to come up with a designated computer center that can accommodate at least 20 computers so that more students can be enrolled at a very nominal fee.



Several skill-development areas that are equally important do not revolve much around academics. These areas also have a huge potential in generating employment opportunities. We’re currently focusing majorly on cutting and tailoring, art and craft, digital marketing, beauty care, mehendi application, etc. in our vocational training. To add to these, we’ll be coming up with photography, animations, and video editing courses, as well.