Students from various Schools/Universities can play a significant role in supporting the work of ASHI in many ways:

1.   Volunteer Work: Students can volunteer their time and skills to help with various tasks such as fundraising, community outreach, and event planning. This allows students to gain hands-on experience and also provides valuable support to the NGO.

2.   Donations: Students can make monetary or in-kind donations to support the work of the NGO. This can include one-time gifts, recurring contributions, or funding for specific projects.

3.   Awareness Campaigns: Students can raise awareness about a particular issue by organizing events, creating posters, or using social media. This can help to educate others about the work of ASHI and encourage others to get involved.

4.   Fundraising: Students can organize fundraising events such as charity runs, concerts, or auctions in their schools/universities to raise money for ASHI. This can provide significant financial support to the NGO and also help to engage others in their work.

5.   Skill-Based Volunteering: Students can offer their skills such as graphic design, writing, or web development to help the NGO with specific projects. This allows students to use their skills for good and also provides valuable support.

6.   Research Projects: Students can conduct research projects on behalf of ASHI and help them gather data and information to support their work. This can provide valuable insights and information that can inform the work of NGO.

Copy of संजय अमर कालोनी काया कल्प (रीसेक) Sanjay Amar colony Revitalization