Corporate Partnerships

Corporations can contribute to ASHI in many ways. Some methods can be:

1.   Corporate Philanthropy: This involves companies making monetary donations. This can take the form of one-time gifts, recurring contributions, or funding for specific projects. This method allows corporations to support causes that align with their values and goals, and also help us with funding for our programs and initiatives.

2.   Employee Volunteer Programs: Corporations can encourage their employees to volunteer their time and skills to support ASHI. This not only provides much-needed assistance to us, but also helps employees to gain valuable experience and personal fulfillment.

3.   In-Kind Donations: Companies can also contribute by donating goods, old clothes and other items that are obsolete such as products or equipment, rather than money. This can be helpful for us as we can distribute them to the less privileged kids.

4.   Skill-Based Volunteering: Some corporations can offer specialized skills such as marketing, finance, or legal services to support the our work . This type of support can help us with specific projects and also provide employees with an opportunity to use their professional skills for good.

5.   Community Engagement: Corporations can also partner-up with us on community projects to create positive social and environmental impact. This can include initiatives such as cleaning up local parks, supporting education programs, and other community-based initiatives.

6.   Cause-Related Marketing: This involves companies partnering with NGO on a marketing campaign and donating a portion of the profits to support their work. This method allows companies to increase brand awareness while also supporting a good cause.