Minutes of Meeting 


Community Living: Promote the community to help each other. Community meets. Motive would be to involve everyone in the projects. 

Sanitation: There are blockages, or chambers are not made. Survey need to be done to devise a plan. And get to know about the costs. 

We will be focussing on preparing the pages. And after that we will be focussing on outreach in the next week. 

Relay Internship Project: We will be handing over our tasks to the next interns team. Using Internshala 

Give internal feedbacks

We will be supplying the bottles and ask the residents to plant the trees in the Greenification Project. 

Also account for Labour costs. 

Check whether we can fix nails on the walls? 

PR and Media: We will contact Influencers and ask them to cover our project. 

Community Kitchen: Ask food bloggers to cover this project.

8th Feb 2023

We discussed about what improvements we need to do in the current Resac website. Also, we need to add some pages such as Travel Programs and Relay Internship. 

Need to improve the Readability of the content and add more images in all the pages. 

We need to work on ASHI main website also and take suggestions from Anjila Ma'am and then publish the new changes.

13th Feb 2023

ok, now we need to focus on 

1. 10% of your time--- little changes in te website, minor improvemets here n there

2. 30% focus - fundriasing thrugh telecalling and online forums

3. Reach out to schools, organiations and companies, (whatsapp status, facebook, linkedin etc)

4. reach out to media

5. reach out to corporates

next one time tasks 

- Payment gateaway registration both for 

- Intern relay project - getting interns 

- donor reports methodology page in ashi main website, 

- ASHI - internal processes and guidelines 

- Workaway registration and accomodation search www.workaway.info

- Accomodation in sanjay amar colony, cost and other details

14th Feb 2023

Kaushal- Find Volunteers on Workaway

Photos, Intro, erp system, fundraising, classroom training, film making, social Media, 

Work on Map, Embed House Numbers.

Khwaab- Post on Internshala, Appointment till 20th

Accomodation in Sanjay Amar Colony, cost, Discuss with Kavita Ma'am, temporary accommodation. 

Khwaab and Kaushal- Donor report methodology- Need to make a page on Main Website

New website of ashi.Discuss with Alka Ma’am and Anjila Ma’am and ask if any changes are required

Create a donate option on Main Website. Talk to Punit regarding this. Razorpay, Insta mojo

Ashi’s ERP, where has Ashi used all its donations? 

Donor reports, We will be sending you monthly updates, how your money will be used, complete bifurcation on mails. Confirm with Anjila Ma’am

Sarthak - In Community Kitchen Involve with Kids, Ask if anyone’s parents volunteer, 100 plate food, stall, Try to price that plate in such a way that all the costs are covered and a little profit is also generated.

Sadhika- Ask anjila Ma’am if we can give 2-5% for influencer or any mediator who promtes our page.

Beautyfication, wall paint, basic infra, kachha- har jagah ko pakka karna, Sanitation Project, wall art – Make a new page 

Everyone-Ask in our Friends circle for fundraising, rice ki cost ki funding, 

Talk to Kabaddi wala regarding Bottles

100 bottles batch , Involve with kids, Seeds soak for 12 hours, then wash and then soak again, sprouting, then put it in Bottles 

Community Kitchen, Greenification implement. 

Evening me site visit. Centre pe activities, story telling, english songs, Discuss with Madhu Ma’am.