Kayakalp of SAC / Revitalization SACProject has been planned to develop a model residential area that can be replicated for a better community living. 

Modern lives comes with challenges, where urban population is growing. The community factor is going down. Humans are designed to thrive in communities. We are social animals and we grow when we work in teams. This is the CORE idea of this project. 

We want to mobilize the community and build a beautiful "slum". We want to change the meaning of slum and our dream is to bring prosperity and quality of life irrespective of limited amount of space and resources. 

Ecosytem of prosperity filled community living 


SAC is a slum cluster adjacent to the biggest open drain near ITO New Delhi. ASHI has been working there for the last 15-16 years.  It has set up informal education centers for children.


The challenges of the area are unemployment, drug abuse, and sexual malpractices.


The two experiences of the unusual challenges faced in the recent past while working in that area have been – unearthing and stealing the two colored trash barrels, zero success rate of the  Greening with saplings of indigenous tree species collected from the nursery of forest department due to the land mafia trampling the healthy young trees with vehicles.


Thus for reasons beyond anyone’s control even after awareness campaigns and repeated trials Cleaning and greening of  SAC has been non-sustaining.


Partners -


Pre Launch Activities

In its first meeting of the partners on 18th April 2022 Name of the Project was finalized. A  ‘Sujhav Samiti’ was constituted. Vision and Time Line and Respective Roles of the partners were decided. Challenges, initiatives, expected results and funds generation was discussed. 


Creating a model Basti, experiment ideas and adapt accordingly. 


4 wings

        1.Basic living conditions Waste Management - Safety review Beautification

    2. Psychological Aspects - Behaviour - Domestic violence - Trauma healing - Yoga meditation & mindfulness

  3. Health & Wellness - Nutrition - Kitchen skills improvement - Exercise

        4. Employment & skill development - Entrepreneurship programs  work at home opportunities English & other    professional training


Respective Roles