Re-Sac project

an experiment ... to build a model of ideal 

Sanjay Amar colony redevelopment project -

An experiment in sustainable living. Creating spaces that are holistic, healthy for the residents. Engaging communities . 

Sanjay Amar Colony redevelopment project (resac) is envisioned to improve living conditions in slums. Not just in Sanjay Amar Colony IP estate, but also provide this as a model that can be adopted by other communities. 

From community kitchen, to health, to growing own food, cleaning/greenification and a lot more. Would be done as a part of the project.  

The idea is to experiment with some ideas and make it a MODEL for other residential areas to follow

A project by: 


Association For Social Health In India (ASHI) is a 95-year-old NGO that focuses on literacy, vocational studies and life skill training for women, children, and the youth. They aim to provide health and education opportunities to the less privileged. 

Project wings and goals -

These are different sub-projects so as to organize, plan, track delegate separate parts of the projects.   

Basic living conditions 


And Wellness

and basic life skill development

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